The Day Mass Effect Died

There you are, rushing through the citadel on a race to stop Saren before he allows the colossal Reaper, Sovereign, to achieve its goals. This was part of the first title in a game series that earned a special place in the hearts of gamers worldwide. From there on, it was history. Stopping the ancient Reapers and uniting the galaxy behind the singular goal of stopping a galactic cycle of destruction poised as preservation, we saw the world through Commander Shepard’s eyes. But now, we’re stuck here with a big budget rush job that has no place being mentioned with the presence … Continue reading The Day Mass Effect Died

Reasoning for Vertical Integration in the E-Sports Industry

Over the past few years, the E-Sports industry has become impossible to ignore. Year after year the revenues enjoyed by the global industry have been going up in an exponential fashion, and are expected to hit over nine hundred million dollars by 2020. Various firms concerned with everything from the development of multiplayer video games to the streaming process of increasingly popular, large-scale tournaments have been investing more and more money to fuel this aggressive rate of growth. One of the most critical areas in which much of this growth is derived from is streaming and viewership. Firms who offer … Continue reading Reasoning for Vertical Integration in the E-Sports Industry

Structure Conduct Performance Analysis of the E-Sport Industry

Structure In order to gain an understanding of the underlying structure of the gaming industry, we must consider three factors. The first of these factors are barriers to entry and exit within the E-Sports industry. Obviously, barriers will differ depending on which section of the entire production process you are on. They can vary from highly specific, skilled workers such as game-developers to the preexistence of established, brand-name teams such as Fnatic and Cloud9. However, a common trend among barriers pertaining to all portions of the production process (especially streaming) is the necessity for cutting-edge technology in areas such as … Continue reading Structure Conduct Performance Analysis of the E-Sport Industry

How I define Play and Uncharted

For me, the act of playing a game has not changed since the beginning of the semester. To “play” a game is to be exposed to every element the game conveys. From the narrative and character development to the user interface and gameplay design, being immersed in such elements the game portrays is what “playing” is to me. I want to be able to experience everything the game has made available to me. I want to be engrossed in what the game is and what the game will become the more I play it. I chose to play The Last … Continue reading How I define Play and Uncharted

Assessing the Narrative in “Last Of Us”

When assessing The Last of Us, what immediately jumps out at me is how effective the game is at using the power of the narrative to ensnare us into a compelling story, as well as how it uses some of our most basic human instincts to invoke an emotional attachment. The power of the narrative, in this case, is a game’s ability to convey to us a story that is integral to the entire experience the player receives. Emotional attachment is the byproduct of a well-executed narrative; sentimental bonds between the player and elements of the game that are nurtured by … Continue reading Assessing the Narrative in “Last Of Us”

Philips and Stauffer Reconceptualizing “Fun”

In Amanda Phillips’ article, “Shooting to Kill”, one of the conceptual structures discussed is the “ragdoll effect.” The ragdoll effect is a physics engine procedural animation that acts as a replacement for traditional death animations within video games. Because of the nature of ragdoll physics, every time a player is able to eliminate an enemy, they get a different animation. This allows players to experience countless variants of death animations, which allows for a certain level of both realism and entertainment. It is noted that due to the way ragdoll effect doesn’t allow a body self-determination, the body then becomes a … Continue reading Philips and Stauffer Reconceptualizing “Fun”

My Experience Reading “CYOA Under the Sea”

The Choose Your Own Adventure novel I chose was Journey under the sea. The whole concept of a choose your own adventure involves the player making choices and turning to specific pages allocated to the choice you made. The story of my novel involves you, the reader, being part of a research team searching for the lost city of Atlantis. You’re on your own in an underwater vessel called the Seeker. Initially, you face various threats such as sharks and squids that will either kill you or hinder your search for a few days by sending you off to the … Continue reading My Experience Reading “CYOA Under the Sea”