Videogames and the Military Industrial Complex

In Tim Wright’s article “Do Gamers Make Better Drone Operators Than Pilots?” he discusses the results offorensic psychologist Jacqueline Wheatcroft and pilot and aerospace engineer Mike Jump study of video gamers as UAV pilots at the University of Liverpool’s Institute for Psychology, Health & Society. Their findings were that when both pilots and video-gamers were exposed to three different situations involving varying degrees of risk and danger, while trained pilots scored the lowest in neuroticism, gamers scores were marginally different making them to have scores just as good as professionals. I found this study to be disturbing because of the history of … Continue reading Videogames and the Military Industrial Complex


The interface of Blackbar raises the question of who can you trust and why do you trust them. Blackbar has a funny way of making us think we know what’s going on– we just have to figure out the words that are being censored, right? However a deeper question is why are those certain words blacked out in the first place. The puzzle can be easy when you understand classic American idioms, like “thanks for trying”. but these assumptions can be dangerous in a xenophobic world where people can be in danger by not “passing as” American. In this way, … Continue reading Trust