choice and habits (cont.)

In addition to thinking about how habits influence our decision-making– it’s also interesting to consider the ways in which gaming in general could influence decision making. Many people say that violent games can make a person more violent. Touching on themes from Gaming as Career Development, games could actually just influence how a person reacts to violence. First person shooter games could help potential soldiers think faster in dangerous situations, it could also affect how likely any gamer reacts to people in pain or in other dangerous situations. If gaming is mainly used to escape from the realities of life, … Continue reading choice and habits (cont.)

Career Development in Gaming (cont.)

It has been interesting to think about gaming being used for more ways than just “fun”. Even so, this brings up the question as to what is fun? Problematizing the word “fun” Games like Peacemaker is part of a new generation of games that immerse people in the situations that give full real-time political crises involving Palestine and Israel. This conflict is inherently militaristic and allows for an educative experience that informs potential violence that inevitably ensues. Using this program could be positive as it instructs users to be educated on a conflict that many people are confused about. What’s … Continue reading Career Development in Gaming (cont.)

Reasoning for Vertical Integration in the E-Sports Industry

Over the past few years, the E-Sports industry has become impossible to ignore. Year after year the revenues enjoyed by the global industry have been going up in an exponential fashion, and are expected to hit over nine hundred million dollars by 2020. Various firms concerned with everything from the development of multiplayer video games to the streaming process of increasingly popular, large-scale tournaments have been investing more and more money to fuel this aggressive rate of growth. One of the most critical areas in which much of this growth is derived from is streaming and viewership. Firms who offer … Continue reading Reasoning for Vertical Integration in the E-Sports Industry

Structure Conduct Performance Analysis of the E-Sport Industry

Structure In order to gain an understanding of the underlying structure of the gaming industry, we must consider three factors. The first of these factors are barriers to entry and exit within the E-Sports industry. Obviously, barriers will differ depending on which section of the entire production process you are on. They can vary from highly specific, skilled workers such as game-developers to the preexistence of established, brand-name teams such as Fnatic and Cloud9. However, a common trend among barriers pertaining to all portions of the production process (especially streaming) is the necessity for cutting-edge technology in areas such as … Continue reading Structure Conduct Performance Analysis of the E-Sport Industry

The Streaming Craze

In recent months and particularly with the rise of Fortnite live streaming on sites like Twitch have become increasingly more popular. Thanks to big names like Ninja the streaming world has become mainstream and has been all over differnt platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more. It is interesting to look at what may have caused this increase in popularity. I believe the streaming world was created to watch talented players play games and to improve through watching them. Fortnite streams have become very popular. This is because of how difficult it is to obtain a Victory Royale. Many people wanted … Continue reading The Streaming Craze